Andy Android

Physical Appearance

Andy Android is an average sized robot with red LED eyes and an antenna. He is propelled entirely by radio waves and controls his hands through WiFi.


Andy Android is always ready to untangle any problem. He loves electricity and is a stickler for routine. He loves talking with his friends, updating his lab journal and singing to the radio.


Andy was on-lined at preciously 3:20 am on a Thursday afternoon. Four days later, he found his love of electricity and created his first lab journal.


  • Andy has a certification to operate any battery in the Galaxy
  • Andy knows how to manipulate Lunar Cubes
  • Andy can listen to any FM Radio in the universe


  • Andy’s original concept is inspired by AND Gates, that are used in electrical engineering
  • Andy doesn’t have any legs, instead he uses magnet waves to stand and move
  • Andy’s ship was made entirely out of wires and runs on FM radio waves


Species: Android

Planet of Origin: Undetermined

First Appeared in: Riley Robot and the Race in Space

Developed by: Erica Stryker

Age: 8 years old

Gender: Male

Height: 4 ft

Weight: 86.3 lb

Eyes: Red

Hair: None