Sammy Cyborg

Physical Appearance

Sammy Cyborg is a Perfectly square. He has a Monitor as a head with two antennae, yellow eyes and has metal arms and legs. He wears a Lab coat and white boots.


Sammy is a very bold and charismatic bot.  He is always willing to participate, but can has a very hard time asking for help. He is very dramatic and doesn’t handle failure well.


Sammy is the oldest of the bots, He was on-lined, on Monday, at 2:00 am.  Long-afterwards he joined the big space race and won first prize.


  • Sammy is a scientist at heart, He has full access to all Labs in Universe
  • Sammy can speak any computer language fluently


  • Sammy is the oldest bot out of all the robots
  • Sammy is an early riser
  • He will never take off his lab coat, because “he is always a scientist”
  • Sammy’s first language is C++, which is a programming language.
  • He is an awful writer



Species: Cyborg

Planet of Origin: Undetermined

First Appeared in: Riley Robot and the Race in Space

Developed by: Erica Stryker

Age: 9.5 Years

Gender: Male

Height: 5 ft 8 in

Weight: 125 lb

Eyes: Yellow

Hair: None