Manny Martian

Physical Appearance

Manny Martian is Green with big Oval eyes. She commonly wears colorful clothes is very small.


Manny has very good eyes and pays close attention to detail. However Manny can be a bit oblivious or unaware of social situations that leads her into difficult situations. Manny is very kind and loves to play video games. Her favorite activity is programming games


Manny built her first program at five years old with her parents. Afterwards she joined the big space race and came in third place.


  • Manny can see any tiny error 32 feet away.
  • Manny can program any electronic with a screen.
  • Manny is a well-know Snake tamer (Pythons are her favorite).


  • Manny’s favorite beverage is coffee. In fact, that’s the only beverage she drinks (just like Coach Vicki)!
  • The character of Manny Martian was originally developed as a boy, but later changed to a girl in order to encourage more women in STEM.
  • Manny is the only character in the Riley Universe that is entirely biological.
  • Manny once visited Area 51 .


Species: Martian

Planet of Origin: Mars

First Appeared in: Riley Robot and the Race in Space

Developed by: Erica Stryker

Age: 6 years

Gender: Female

Height: 5.2 ft

Weight: 112.3 lbs

Eyes: Big Blue

Hair: None