Winnie Widget

Physical Appearance

Winnie is the Smallest of the bots and is Primary round. She has a round head and ears with antennae. She has Squishy arms and clamp hands. Her body is plated and she has blue eyes.


Winnie is the most mature of the bots and is very caring. She likes to take her time and can be a bit of a procrastinator. Regardless she respected everything she builds, and has a place of honor for each invention. While she is very well-rounded in STEM skills, she loves mechanical engineering  the most.


Winnie was On-lined in April, on Wednesday at 12 pm. She later joined the space race and meet some new friends


  • Winnie can build any mechanical machine
  • She has full permission and access to all equipment in any lab
  • She is the only bot with singing abilities
  • Winnie has the unique ability to be friends with almost anyone


  • Winnie is a late sleeper
  • Winnie is the shortest bot
  • Winnie runs completely on AA batteries
  • She loves to drink Water


Species: Widget

Planet of Origin: Undetermined

First Appeared in: Riley Robot and the Race in Space

Developed by: Erica Stryker

Age: 8 Years

Gender: Female

Height: 3 ft 10 in

Weight: 60 lb

Eyes: Blue

Hair: None