Riley Robot

Physical Appearance

Riley is the lead character in the Riley Robot series. He is most easily recognized by his egg-shaped body, spindly flexi-arms and legs, and bulb-tipped antennae. He is a dull silver metal, and his chest information plate boasts a heart icon and three lights.

Riley is approximately 7 feet tall. Being a robot and AI, Riley does not develop physically as he grows older, but hr develops mentally and emotionally.


Riley is a kind, inquisitive, adventurous soul, but like all children, he has his stubborn streaks and his moments of forgetting what is right and wrong.


Riley was On-lined on Saturday, at 3:25 am. Riley has a single mother, Ms. Robot. They live in Robotown on Diginet.

Riley built his first space ship and joined the big space race.


Riley is an aspiring space racer.


  • Riley's eyes are green-teal color, which were inspired by the color of Alaska's northern lights.


Species: Robot

Planet of Origin: Diginet

First Appeared in: Riley Robot and the Race in Space

Developed by: Erica Stryker

Age: 7 years old

Gender: Male

Height: 7 ft

Weight: 150  lb

Eyes: Green

Hair: None